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Best Hot Dish in Minnesota

It’s official! Though we already thought our menu items were something special, our suspicions were confirmed when our Hot Dish was named the number one hot dish in the state of Minnesota by USA Today! With Hot Dishes being the ‘unofficially official’ dish of Minnesota, we are honored and excited about this award. Here are a few reasons why we agree that our hot dish is a step above the rest.

Jumbo Tater Tots

Bigger is better. That’s right, we said it. Our jumbo tater tots really take our tater tot hot dish over the edge. These tots are stuffed with serrano peppers, bacon, and cheddar cheese! With the perfect amount of crisp and delicious potato goodness, you just can’t go wrong. Using jumbo tots gives this dish the perfect ratio of tots to gravy.

The Right Amount of Spice

Sometimes hot dishes and casseroles get a bad name because they are bland, but that is definitely not the case with this dish. Serrano peppers and onions take our Tater Tot Hot Dish from good to great because they amp up the flavor profile. No need to add tons of pepper and salt to make this dish edible, it is perfect just the way it is.

One Word: Filling

When you order our hot dishes, you will not have to worry about what you are having for your second dinner. Some restaurants skimp on portions, but not us. When you order this dish, you can bet you will be full for the rest of the night. Our hot dishes are chock full of protein, carbs, and gravy to ensure that you will be satisfied.

Made with Love

It might seem cheesy, but here at Crooked Pint, we do everything with love. Our menu items have been carefully curated and created with our guests in mind. We know that going out to eat is something you do when you want to have a good time and have great food, that is why we do not want to waste your time. From creation to cooking to serving, you can bet that a lot of love has gone into your hot dish and we think that is what makes it taste even better than our competitors’ dishes.

Want to try these hot dishes for yourself. Come into one of our Crooked Pint Restaurant & Bar locations and get one of our hot dishes! We know you will not be disappointed!