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    Three great varieties. All served with celery.

    Traditional bone-in or boneless $10.99

    Bourbon Molasses Wings

    with bleu cheese

    Buffalo Wings

    with bleu cheese

    Ale House Dry-Rub Wings (Available with bone-in wings only.)

    with bistro sauce

    New! Totchoes

    Our jumbo tater tots stuffed with serrano peppers, bacon, and cheddar are topped with bacon, green onions, cheddar, pepper jack, melted cheese and sour cream. $9.99

    New! Ale House Nachos

    Chipotle chicken, melted cheese, pepper jack, onion salsa, pico, black beans, lettuce, romaine, green onions, chipotle pesto, and cilantro with guacamole and sour cream. $12.99
    Substitute beef for $1.

    Hummus Board

    Roasted red pepper hummus topped with feta cheese with fresh veggies and grilled flatbread. $9.99


    French fries and cheese curds with ranch seasoning, bacon crumbles, green onions, and beef gravy. $11.99

    Sausage & Cheese Board

    Smoked polish, chorizo, and spicy cheese-filled sausage, bourbon-soaked cranberries, brie, Tillamook sharp yellow, and white cheddar cheeses, and glazed pecans. Served with sweet chili sauce and whole-grain mustard. $13.99

    Ellsworth Cheese Curds

    Deep-fried “Sconnie” cheese curds. $9.99

    The Gigantic Pretzel

    A 14 oz, yes 14 oz, giant pretzel served with our creamy, house-made beer cheese, featuring Grain Belt Premium, and whole-grain mustard. $9.99

    Sweet Potato Fries

    Lightly seasoned. Served hot and crispy. $8.99


    New! Sausage & Kraut

    Whole-grain mustard and mayo topped with pepper jack, mozzarella, sauerkraut, spicy cheese-filled sausage, serrano peppers, red onions, and dijon mustard. $11.99

    Prosciutto Bleu Cheese

    Prosciutto, bleu cheese, manchego cheese, red onions, peppadew peppers, mozzarella, roasted red pepper pesto, and spinach. $11.99

    Ham and Brie

    Brie, ham, mozzarella, bourbon-soaked cranberries, green and red onions, honey, and arugula. $11.99

    Bourbon BBQ Chicken

    Chicken, bourbon bbq sauce, cilantro, green and red onions, bacon, mozzarella, and cheddar.  $11.99


    Olive oil, garlic, marinated tomatoes, mozzarella, parmesan, fresh basil, and pesto. $10.99

    *Why do we call it Gluten Friendly? The indicated items are gluten-free, but because we use high gluten flour in our kitchen, there is a chance of cross-contamination on all menu items. We cannot guarantee that menu items are 100% gluten-free. Consuming raw and undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness especially if you have medical conditions.

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