Michelle Mann

  1. michelle_mann
May 30, 2015 @ 8:00 pm


Michelle Mann

Michelle wrote her first song at 5 yrs. old.  No matter where she is, Michelle Monica stands out.  In person & sure enough on stage she’s got a timeless voice that commands your attention the 1st note she belts out.  Musically she can do just about anything from soul to pop to a pure angelic tone while playing the piano.  Blessed with an astounding voice gifted from her Nana who was a jazz singer with the likes of Bing Crosby & her classically trained mother who sings opera.  She redefines what’s possible as she leads to inspire while leading you with her impeccable vocals.

Just some of her credits include; Oprah’s Popstar Challenge, American Idol, season 7, countless performances for the LA Dodgers, LA Kings, Mighty Ducks, LA Galaxy, MN Timberwolves, MN Vikings, & MN Twins, & opening performer for American Idols Live, Slash, Nicole Scherzinger, & Courtney Love.

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