• Fundraising Opportunities

    At Crooked Pint, we make it easy for organizations, teams, and schools to raise funds. Like most businesses, we receive hundreds of donation requests every year. In an effort to assist as many groups as possible, we developed this easy-to-implement fundraising program.

    Here’s How It Works.

    Your dinner is your donation. When you and friends of your organization dine at Crooked Pint on your designated fundraising day and present an event voucher, 15% of your total bill goes back to your organization. Fundraising events are typically held on Mondays and are scheduled a month in advance. We create vouchers promoting the event for you to print and distribute to your group. At the end of the evening, we add up the total sales accompanied by the vouchers. A donation of 15% of total sales (not including tax and tip) will be sent to you within two weeks following your event. Vouchers are good for dine-in only and cannot be handed out to restaurant patrons the night of the event.

    It’s easy to get started. Simply contact the general manager at your favorite Crooked Pint location, pick a date, and get the word out! Best of luck…and we look forward to helping you raise money!


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