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Exploring Beer Styles: A Guide to Different Beer Flights

Everyone has a favorite flavor/style of beer. You might prefer a dark stout or a pale ale, or your preferences might change depending on your meal or the weather. Maybe you prefer the thrill of tasting different types, and an experimental beer flight is half the fun. No matter what you’re looking for, Crooked Pint Ale House has it. We keep between 20 and 36 different types of beer on tap all year round, from timeless classics to regional favorites to seasonal brews. Swing by the Crooked Pint for a beer flight, or read this quick guide first to zero in on what you want your next order to be.

Types of Beers and Flavor Profiles

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There are lots of different ways to categorize beer profiles. Over time, you’ll develop your specific palette and range of preferred flavors; you’ll even have your own descriptions for the flavors, ingredients, and mouthfeel you like best. But it can also help to decipher industry-standard terms—such as herbal, hoppy, or dark and dry—so you can always find something that suits your style.

Use these quick flavor profiles and descriptions to determine what beer sounds best. Then you can order a flight at Crooked Pint with confidence:


If you would describe a beer in front of you as “crisp,” chances are it’s a light ale. They have light to medium bodies, delicate blond or reddish coloring, and (typically) a fruity flavor or mild malt flavor. There are subvarieties with herbal or very hoppy notes. Opt for beers that your server describes as crisp, light, or refreshing.


It can occasionally be difficult to say if a light ale is more crisp or fruity because of an overlap. But fruity beers range from tart and grassy to spicy and with stone fruit notes. You’ll find bright apple and coriander-flavored brews, fruit beers that might remind you of toffee and banana, or even malty, fermented brews that taste like dark red wine with smoke. Generally, the darker the color, the darker the flavor.


Hoppy beers are herbal, verdant, or even piney. When you’re first becoming a beer aficionado, it’s easy to get malty and hoppy flavors mixed up because hops are grainy. However, it’s better to think of hoppy characteristics as bitter, astringent, or vegetal in a pleasant way. Hoppy beers can include bitters, some pale ales, and a little bit of caramel maltiness. When you want hoppy beer, look for drinks that are yellow or brown.


Malty beers are rich, dark, and almost nutty. They have a variety of notes ranging from roasted stone fruit or figs to toffee and caramel. In this category, you’ll find lagers and darker ales. It’s common for malty beers to have more caramelized fruit notes, but you can find bitter brews if that’s more to your taste.


If you love dark coffee, start your search for the perfect beer flights with roasted notes. These beers are full-bodied (though some can veer toward the lighter side of the spectrum), and they tend to be darker shades of red, copper, and even black. These are your stouts, porters, and dark ales. Softer roasted notes encompass milk chocolate forward flavors, while darker roasted notes are more like espresso and pleasantly charred grain or fruit.


Smoky beers get their unique flavors from whiskey oak barrels or actual smoking processes. They’re darker in color, medium-bodied, and let the smokiness take center stage. Some varieties can even taste meaty, but most are lightly malty or roasted.

Find a New Favorite at the Crooked Pint

If you’re searching for a brand new beer that suits your mood, these descriptors will help you get started. Visit the Crooked Pint Ale House to experiment with our wide selection of standard and seasonal brews to zero in on your new favorite beer, or order a beer flight with a wide range of flavor profiles to try. We offer multiple different types of beer brands and styles for your next night out!