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How to Order A Beer Flight Like A Pro

Ordering a beer flight is an exhilarating way to sample various locally crafted or classic beers and discover new favorites. Beer lovers all over the world order these flights of beer to expand their horizons or enjoy their favorite craft beers at affordable prices. Consider beer flights a mix-and-match for your taste buds, enabling you to sample out a variety of beers from a specific brewery. Learn more about the ins and outs of beer flights and tips you can use to order your beer flight like a pro.


Beer Flights Explained

You’ve probably encountered a beer flight at your local bar or on your friend’s social media posts, and you may have been left wondering what that is. Well, a flight of beer is a trendy way to try out and compare a selection of different beers. At Crooked Pint, a beer flight is made up of four beer samples on a wooden plank. Consider it the beer equivalent of a wine tasting.


The beers can be based on your preference, be random, or stick to a particular order. Craft beer flights are a central part of drinking culture and the perfect way to discover what you like and don’t like, especially if you are new to the craft beer scene. Sharing or exchanging beer flights with friends can make your experience more fun and memorable.


Organizing your Beer Flight

You can use the following tips when organizing your beer flight:


Pick A Theme

The beers in a flight can be whatever you want them to be. The whole idea is trying out beers you’ve never tasted before. A style-based selection features one type of beer. For example, you can order IPA, stouts, sours, and more. You can also decide to choose beers from a specific region, a variety of beers from the same brewery, or seasonal beers such as winter warmers.


Choose Your Beers

It’s best to start with light to dark-colored beers when organizing your beer flight.


You can further organize your beef light according to Alcohol by Volume (ABV). The logic here is that beers with a higher alcohol percentage have a stronger flavor. Start with beers with a low alcohol content and slowly progress to beers with a high ABV.

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More than Just a Drink

Smelling the beers is an important step in the beer-tasting process. Notwithstanding the type of beer, there are distinct characteristics that can only be identified by smell. Sensory engagement prepares you for the flavors to come, assisting you in better appreciating the nuances once you take your first sip.


Here is how to savor beer like a pro:


  1. Examine the overall color and clarity of the beer.
  2. Gently swirl the glass to unleash the authentic flavors and aromas of the beer.
  3. Raise the glass to your nose level and smell the beer by taking a deep whiff.
  4. Slowly sip the beer and enjoy the experience.


Tips to Look Like an Expert

Here are tips to make you look like an expert when ordering your flight beer:


  • Conduct prior research to understand the different beer styles and the pubs offerings.
  • If you are unsure what to order, ask your bartender for recommendations and share with them your preferences.
  • Order your beer flight with confidence.
  • Use the right terminology when making your order.
  • If you are with friends or the bartender seems friendly, share your thoughts on the beers you are trying.
  • Do a follow-up. Show your enthusiasm by mentioning if you have discovered a new favorite beer or brewery and if you are eager to come back.

Become a Beer Connoisseur with Our Expertly Curated Flight Options

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If you enjoy craft beer, ordering a flight is a thrilling way of exploring different beers and trying out new breweries. While there is no right and wrong way to organize your beer flight, you should put some consideration behind your selection. It is a great way to enhance your tasting experience and give you deeper insights into craft beer.


Crooked Pint Ale House is the perfect spot for exploring local and regional craft beers. Our team works extra hard to keep a fresh seasonal beer variety, so you are spoilt for choice. If you want to sharpen your palate for a beer with our expertly curated flight options, stop in for a drink today!