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Fundraising at Crooked Pint

We get it; fundraising can be a total pain. Whether you are fundraising for new robes for your church choir or tournament fees for your child’s soccer team, no one wants to put out their friends, family, and neighbors for yet another fundraising event. Fundraising is a necessity in many organizations, and that is why you should check out Crooked Pint, where we have made it super easy for groups to raise the funds they need for their cause without selling things people do not actually want. Plus, it is fun (and delicious) for everyone involved!


How Crooked Pint Enhances Your Fundraising Experience

If you decide to fundraise with Crooked Pint, all you have to do is contact the general manager of your favorite location to set up a night, and then spread the word with event vouchers to get people out to the restaurant on the night of your fundraising event. Fundraiser events are usually booked on Monday nights, so it is the perfect time to take out the whole family for dinner! Your fundraising guests can come to try our mouthwatering Lucys, yummy shareables, or just enjoy a pint after work. No matter what they are craving, they are sure to find it on the menu at our restaurant and bar. After your friends and family come and devour their delicious dinner, present the event voucher and Crooked Pint will donate 15% of sales to your cause. It is as simple as that. Whether you are collecting funds for charitable giving or need new equipment for your team, our fundraising dinner is a great way to bring people together and raise the money you need to succeed which in our opinion is a definite win-win.


Planning Your Next Successful Fundraising Event

Finding a unique yet effective way to fundraise can be a little tricky, but Crooked Pint makes it yummy and straightforward for everyone involved. We provide the venue, the food, and the service and you provide the hungry patrons. Easy, right? Everyone needs to eat so why not eat for a good cause? So instead of hauling garish Christmas wrapping paper from door-to-door or waving signs on the side of the road for a ‘free’ car wash, try something different for a change and fundraise the easy and effective way at Crooked Pint. We love giving back to our community, and we can’t wait to meet your neighbors, feed your friends, and support your worthy cause.