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Beer Styles Guide

Even if you consider yourself relatively beer-savvy, it’s easy to feel intimidated when you’re staring down a mile-long list of brews. Now that the craft beer movement has gained serious steam, there are more beer options than ever – so how do you choose the best beer for you?
If you’ve yet to discover a beer that you genuinely enjoy, don’t give up the search just yet: the right brew is out there, you just have to know how to look. Or, if you’re a longtime beer enthusiast hoping to add a few new options to your list of no-fail favorites, pinpointing your favorite style can be key.
Here at Crooked Pint Ale House, we’re making it simple to choose your favorite style of beer with these handy tips:

Understand the two basic kinds of beer.

Beers are generally divided into two categories: lagers and ales. Lagers are the most common of the two and usually have a lighter taste and color. Ales have a darker color and a stronger taste, usually coming off as fruity and robust.

Know your hops.

Hops serve an important purpose in the beer experience, contributing varying aromas, flavors, sweetness and bitterness levels, and head retention. You may see bitterness ranges described as anything from “restrained” to “harsh,” and flavors and aromas can include citrus, floral, fruity, tropical, herbal, spicy, woody, and many other notes.

Think about malt.

Many beer aficionados consider malt to be the heart and soul of beer because it enables the production of both alcohol and carbonation. Malt can impact a beer’s flavor and aroma, adding elements of chocolate, bread, caramel, coffee, or even smoke to the drinker’s experience.

Ask your bartender.

When in doubt, take advantage of an infinitely valuable resource: your bartender’s beer knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask them for their recommendations, or inquire about certain beers that may suit your individual tastes and preferences – a good bartender is always happy to help.

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