Featured image for post: Taco Tuesdays at Crooked Pint Ale House

Taco Tuesdays at Crooked Pint Ale House

Ever wish there was a holiday you could celebrate every week? If only there were a fun occasion where you could get together with friends and enjoy delicious food and satisfying drinks…

Oh, wait! Tuesday Taco Madness comes 52 times every year, so nobody has to miss out on chowing down on tacos while sipping your favorite beverage! Why trudge through the whole week before letting yourself cut loose a little?

Tasty Tacos You’ll Love

It’s unlikely anyone will have beef with the savory delight of our Beef Taco. Heartily constructed with seasoned ground beef, black beans, pepper jack, onion, pico, and avocado ranch, you’re bound to enjoy this taco as much as we did making it.

Venture outside the traditional with our Asian Pork Tacos. If you’re looking for that zing that only comes with delectable pork sautéed in spicy and tangy Asian sauce and loaded with pico, cabbage slaw, roasted corn, and fried tortilla strips, look no further!

What would Tuesday Taco Madness be without amazing Chicken Tacos? You’ll get a kick out of our chipotle chicken layered in pico, cabbage slaw, avocado, habanero jack cheese, and a drizzling of avocado ranch. We knew leaving this off the menu would ruffle some feathers, so this staple is here to stay.

No meat, no problem. Veggie Tacos are sure to satisfy your savory cravings with a full-flavored ensemble. Chipotle pesto, pepper jack, pico, roasted corn, black beans, avocado, poblano peppers, and cabbage slaw topped with luscious avocado ranch brings you a symphony of succulence.

We also offer fish and shrimp tacos, if those are more up your alley! They are not included in the special, but they are a great option!

Huge Variety of Craft Drinks

Those tacos would be lonely without some tasty drinks by their side. We’ve got a broad selection of beer, wine, spirits and you guessed it, a marvelous marg to boot! The Mexican Moonshine Margarita will warm your soul while washing down a hearty meal. It’s hard to have a good time without the salt and lime on your glass. We’re always prepared for a margarita party! Check your favorite locations page to see what is on the cocktail list at your favorite Crooked Pint!

Give Yourself A Break

In addition to our daily specials available from open to close, Tuesday Taco Madness is the best excuse to bring together friends, family, and coworkers for a night of reprieve from the daily grind. Join us for the life of the party and start a new tradition you’ll always look forward to. You may even forget it’s not the weekend yet! Find us at your nearest Crooked Pint every Tuesday; this fiesta is for you!