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The Best Kids Menu At Crooked Pint

Looking to go out for a fun and fresh family dinner? Come on over and check out Crooked Pint Ale House. Not only do we have a great family environment with comfy booths and awesome staff, but we also have an amazing menu for the kids. Our half pint menu both excites and delights both kids and parents alike. Here’s why:


From Fresh Turkey Rollups to Hamburgers, we have an excellent variety for your kids. We know that it is sometimes hard to get your kiddos to eat a meal. That is why we strive to have a menu that appeals to kids because of the taste and parents because of how easy it is to get your kids to eat. We offer either fries or mandarin oranges as a side with each kid’s meal, and that means your kids have two great, tasty options.


No one wants to pay an arm and a leg for a kid’s meal. So we made sure to price our kid’s menu right. And, our meals include a drink, side, and entree. No more hungry kids and no more outrageous bills. That should make everyone happy!

Fun for the Whole Family

No more having kids complain while you are out for a nice dinner! Everyone can enjoy their meal at Crooked Pint. Adults can choose from salads, tacos, Lucy’s, and also have a pint of beer or a glass of wine while enjoying their meal with the kids. At Crooked Pint, there really is something for everyone. We guarantee it!

If you are ready to get out and about, the good news is a Crooked Pint is not far away. We have locations across the Midwest that will exceed your expectations every time. So come on in and see how Crooked Pint Ale House can take your family night from good to great! We cannot wait to serve you and your family.