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Top 5 Dishes To Heat You Up In The Cold

It’s time to get warmed up with a delicious meal at the Crooked Pint. Temperatures are dropping so now is the perfect time to discover a fun, new place to warm up during the winter. Take off your hat and coat, and relax for a few with one of these five great dishes that bring a little warmth!

Hot Dishes

The fabulous new Tuna Hot Dish is a classic homestyle favorite. Crunchy sour cream and onion chips are crumbled up on top of a cheese and tuna mixture and baked in the oven. The result is a creamy, melty dish that soothes the soul.

Pot Pies

We also have a tremendous Shepherd’s Pot Pie which features loads of buttery mashed potatoes on top of a rich combination of seasoned ground beef and vegetables. Top the whole thing off with some parmesan cheese to tie it all together. This is an all-time favorite that will leave you feeling nice and toasty.


If you’re a fan of sandwiches, you’re in luck. The brand new Beer Cheese Chicken Sandwich features warm breaded chicken topped with delicious beer cheese and a slice of habanero jack. This is a dish that brings the fire and will warm you right up.


What better way to warm up during the winter than eating some buffalo wings full of heat? The perfect buffalo wing is right here at the Crooked Pint in our flavorful sauce with just the right amount of spice. Dip your wings in bleu cheese to cool off when things get too fiery.


We are proud to have our one of a kind Beer Cheese Soup available every day of the week! If you love our Beer Cheese Chicken Sandwich, you’ll love this soup which features our secret beer cheese recipe. Pair it with one of our Lucy’s and you’ll have a full belly in no time.

Don’t hide inside this winter! Gather your friends and head on down to Crooked Pint to warm up with good food and great company! Our menu features all new hot dishes including soups, sandwiches and shareable appetizers to get you through the worst winter storms. You can find a mix of traditional homestyle dishes as well as fun new meals that feature lots of tasty spices. Checkout our menu online or come in today and see for yourself why everybody loves the Crooked Pint!