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What Are The Best Pub Food Items?

“No great story ever began with a salad.” –Anonymous

That humorous quote may not be inherently true, but you can’t argue against this: many excellent stories feature pubs. Why? Because they are comfortable, have great food and drink selection, and provide real hospitality.

What makes a pub worth visiting? First and foremost: the menu. A great establishment should let its menu speak for itself, with tacos, burgers, classic pub fare, and a wide variety of taps telling you what you need to know about the spot.

Keep reading to find out more about the hallmarks of legendary pubs, like Crooked Pint Ale House!


What Should You Look for in a Pub?

Most people choose classy neighborhood pubs over other establishments for a straightforward reason: great food, good beer, and superior hospitality. Need more convincing? Consider the following items that are commonplace in most epic spots:


1. Drink Selection

What’s a pub without refreshing drinks? A great neighborhood pub will have a wide range of drinks to offer. From tap beer to handcrafted cocktails, bourbons to wines, there should be something for everyone to enjoy.

At the Crooked Pint Ale House, we work hard to keep our beer list rotating so it’s always fresh and interesting. With 24-32 taps on average, we know you’ll find something you’ll love. If you’re craving wine or a cocktail, we’ve got you covered. With a full bar and robust variety of bourbons, scotches, and whiskeys, we can shake up a cocktail just how you like it. 


2. Burgers

One of the most popular meals for Americans is burgers.

If your bar menu doesn’t have burgers on the menu, it’s time you moved to a better spot like the Crooked Pint Ale House. Our burgers contain choice beef and fresh ingredients for a quality bite, every time. 

In addition to classic burgers, we have the Minnesota favorite, the Juicy Lucy! A beef patty stuffed with cheese, grilled until perfectly done and the cheese is gooey on the inside. A juicy lucy is what we’re known for. 


3. Pub Favorites

Pub favorites are the best types of unique and tasty food choices at a pub. These menu items are delicious comfort food that pairs well with any drink. For example, you can enjoy the Ale House Walleye & Chips with a blond ale or a glass of wine. These items are definitely fan favorites!


4. Tacos

Anyone that knows anything about bar menu ideas can tell you this: tacos are a must-have item.

Many pub-goers today order a taco between, before, or after drinks for a good reason: these fresh and delicious handhelds are the perfect snack between pints. Besides, who doesn’t love taking a bite out of a spicy, freshly served taco full of fresh toppings and finger-licking flavor? 


5. Shareables

When you meet with friends at your favorite spot, you might browse through the daily specials, and order a few items that seem interesting. But do you know what can make your experience more fun for the table? Shareables! Shareables are the items on a food menu that are typically finger foods and easy for everyone to love.

Take our signature wings for example. A pound of wings served with a side of celery and your choice of bleu cheese, bistro sauce, or ranch. Anyone who has tasted this shareable appetizer can tell you why they’re a top favorite on a pub menu!


Ready to Have a Blast?

Any pub can have bar food, specials, and drinks. But a great pub will have a unique and delicious food and beverage selection including fan favorites like: burgers, pub favorites, tacos, and shareables.

Luckily, Crooked Pint Ale House has all these and much more! Our menu accommodates all taste preferences looking for a hot bite and a few cold pints, ranging from groups to individuals. We also have a great menu for kids aged 12 and below, meaning you can bring over the entire family too!Visit any of our locations today for a fun-filled experience. We look forward to serving you. Cheers!