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The Best Craft Beers To Try

There’s nothing quite like a cold craft beer paired with a delicious meal. Something about the combination makes for the perfect experience, an ideal balance of tasty food and crisp refreshment.

Crooked Pint is the perfect host, with our generous list of beers and delicious food. Stop by one of our locations today and find the beer and food pairing that makes all your flavor dreams come true. Here are three craft beers paired up with a few perfect meal matches:

Summit Oatmeal Stout

The Summit Oatmeal Stout is crafted from naked oats originating in the UK. It goes down smooth with a hint of sweetness, blending flavors like coffee, caramel and chocolate. Pair it with Crooked Pint’s Shepard’s Pot Pie for an excellent balance of sweet and rich flavors.

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Surly Todd The Axe Man

This Midwestern IPA has hints of citrus and pine, is medium-bodied and finishes strong. This hoppy, pleasantly bitter beer needs a meal that can stand up to its strong profile, with pork being the ideal partner. Try it with our Grilled Cubano, a sandwich stacked with ham and pulled pork.

Schell’s Grain Belt

Schell’s Grain Belt is a Minnesota classic, pairing a light malt flavor with a definite sweetness. This American lager is relatively light, making it a great counterpart for our Gigantic Pretzel. The beer cheese that comes with the pretzel includes Grain Belt on its ingredient list, so your flavors will really come full circle.