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What Is A Beer Flight?

It is easy and safe to stick to your tried and true beer when you wish to unwind and enjoy yourself. Nonetheless, the beer industry has been in constant growth, creating plenty of room to be adventurous and try out new brews every once in a while. For those feeling a bit adventurous, we’d suggest trying a beer flight.

What Is a Beer Flight?

A flight of beer is a marvelous invention for those who find thrill in exploring craft beers. Contrary to what the name implies, there is no aerodynamics involved or anything complicated about beer flights.

Instead, it is a selection of four different beers served at once in sample-size glasses. Each glass will hold three to five ounces, the perfect amount to give you a good taste of the beer. The beers can be based on your choices, be random or follow a particular theme.

Essentially, beer flights in brewpubs and taprooms are comparable to wine tasting.

Types of Beer Flights

There are different types of beer flights. Understanding the various options available will allow you to make an informed choice and enjoy the experience.

Horizontal vs. Vertical Flight

Horizontal and vertical beer flights have nothing to do with the arrangement of the beers but instead are about the beers in your selection for tasting.

Horizontal beer flights are common in brewpubs with a single brewery. You get to try out all types and styles of beer under one brewery. This is great for exploring flavors from local breweries, especially if you are yet to figure out which beer matches your taste. In most cases, the pub will allow you to select from their collection.

On the other hand, vertical beer flights are more for the seasoned beer enthusiast. The board features the same type of beer in different stages of aging; thus, you will need a certain level of expertise to understand how barrel aging affects the flavor and taste of beer.

Nonetheless, both types of flights allow you to enjoy beers you may not have tried before.

Single Style Beer Flight

This style of beer flight is standard in brewpubs with beers from different breweries. It allows you to try out a variety of beers and explore new flavor variants of the same beer style. This type of beer flight is recommended for amateur beer enthusiasts yet to figure out what they like.

Why Should You Order a Flight of Beer

There are several reasons why anyone that enjoys beer would order a flight at their local brewpub. They include:

  • Exploration: If you constantly find yourself clueless about what to order at a bar or brewery, then beer flights allow you to sample and enjoy a beer without committing.
  • You can’t choose what to drink: When you cannot decide what to drink, save yourself the pressure of just selecting one pint and trying out various beer types.
  • Quest for Variety: If you quickly get bored with one kind of beer, a flight gives you the chance to taste a little bit of everything, so you get to switch things up as you unwind.
  • Novelty: It is a chance to try something new while saving money. If you are unsure what you like, a flight is more cost-effective than buying a pint and not finishing it.

How to Drink a Beer Flight

While it is okay to taste your brews in whatever order you like, it is recommended that you start with the lighter beer since they have a subtle taste that will not overpower the other beers in line.

Beer Flight Tasting Tip

There are no strict rules that apply to drinking and making beer flights. However, there are a few tricks and tips that will make your experience more pleasant.

  • As suggested above, drink the beers starting with the lightest to the strongest.
  • Always use similar-sized cups.
  • Ensure that each type of beer is served at the correct serving temperature. Don’t assume that drinking them together means they will all be at the same temperature.
  • Don’t order without knowledge. If not sure of what to include in your flight, consult your server or bartender.
  • Do not chug! You will miss out on the taste and flavor, which is the purpose of the beer flight. Slowly sip and enjoy.


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